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2013-09-03 06:33 pm
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 photo persona1_zpsf9b5175c.gif photo tifa_zpsba6d6f02.png photo ss5_zpscbb3f03b.png
o24 persona (3 & 4)
o24 final fantasy (VII, X, XIII-3, XV)
o12 inFAMOUS second son
o24 others (tomb raider 2013, devil may cry, uncharted, beyond; two souls)


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2013-08-18 11:02 am


 photo banner_zps822c49ff.png

 photo luminabookmarkharyan_zps228b4b60.png
thanks hilian for the banner, it's awesome <3

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2013-08-12 01:39 pm
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 photo ten22_zpse7e15a31.png photo tredici16_zpsa52f18dc.png photo four0_zpse53ab71c.png
o3o -final fantasy x/x-2
o42 -final fantasy xiii compilation
others + ffviii o8 + ffiv o2 + ffxv o2 + ffix o6 + kingdom hearts o3
+ 1 banner (final fantasy ix)
(livejournal) - (dreamwidth)

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2013-06-27 05:46 pm
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 photo 2_zps95c131ff.png photo a20_zpse3dc1e27.jpg photo a2_zpsdf65269f.jpg
28 final fantasy xiii compilation (xiii, xiii-2, lightning returns)
28 final fantasy xv
o9 final fantasy xiv + agnis philosophy
o3 banners
(livejournal) + (dreamwidth)

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2013-06-23 09:38 am
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o54 the hobbit
10 tomb raider
o9 samurai warriors
+ others (o7 dynasty warriors, 1o batman arkham series, o7 sleeping dogs, o6 guardians of middle earth)


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2013-06-13 10:35 am

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2013-06-13 10:32 am
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2013-06-13 10:29 am
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2013-06-13 10:28 am
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F R I E N D S   O N L Y
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